The Customer is Always Right in Casinos

Poker rooms are notorious for taking care of their guests. Whether you’re a poker player or not, if you take a seat at a low limit table and have a few drinks, after a half hour or so you can feel comfortable asking the poker room manager to comp you for dinner for two. Poker rooms can also give you hotel rooms at ridiculously low costs, all you have to do is ask.

If your hotel room is already taken care of, and dinner has been comped, feel free to ask for tickets to upcoming shows or events. Casinos are in the business of ensuring your repeat business, and they take generous steps to win your loyalty. Always be gracious, get to know casino staff and smile whether you’re winning or losing.

Spend a day in Victorian Square in downtown Sparks, Nevada, you’ll find several casinos and much more to keep you entertained. Downtown Sparks in the area of Victorian Square is a great place to gamble and take is some casino shows, but there is a lot more to the area than gaming. You can find restaurants, a museum, movie theaters, and an outdoor fountain the kids can run through and splash in to their heart’s content. It’s the home of many special events, too, like the Hometowne Farmers’ Market and the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off, too.

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