Do Horse Riders Need To Be Fit

Do Horse Riders Need To Be Fit

If you are of the opinion it is just your horse that must be mentally and physically, not to mention emotionally fit, then you’ve got another thing coming. You have got to keep up your part of the bargain, also, and that includes your own fitness. When you’re in the first-class condition, it means less weight for your horse. When you are physically well coordinated, you are able to jell better with your horse and that means you are causing him less strain. You don’t have to be at Olympic pro levels of fitness, but certainly, your horse will appreciate your being trim and at a perfect weight. The secret, naturally, is to eat healthily, sleep long enough and exercise frequently.

When training your horse, you have got to keep your mind tidy. You have to be absolutely aware of what training is to be done, what’s the right way to train your horse and the way to plan your training schedules. You must be alert to unexpected situations that will arise, even something like your pony failing to respond to you correctly, and you’ve got to have your plans ready. You should evaluate your training sessions periodically and catch up on areas where your pony is lagging. You need to touch base with others, horse riding chums, trainers, professionals, and analyse things with them occasionally.

You need emotional fitness so that you can participate with full concentration in your pony training activities. Youve got to be mentally alert and open to your horses communications. You need to stay confident and positive, because your lack of awareness or negativeness of mood will rub off on your horse. He will be able to communicate his needs and any pain or agony he is feeling generally through non-oral ways using body language and you must be tuned in. When your horse fails to perform the way in which you want him to, you stay patient and dont lose your cool. Its a saying with horses that the soft but firm approach always works better than the cruel approach.

By showing your alertness and sense of participation to your pony, you are encouraging him. By showing him youre a capable leader, you are working on his herd instincts: he is a pony, and horses need leaders. They give unquestioning obedience and loyalty to those they recognise as leaders.

Don’t think, therefore, that you can operate on autopilot and your horse does all of the hard work. He may do the carrying, but you help to keep his load minimum. You easy his way, you ensure he rides right. You’re a passenger in a very limited sense of the word; you’re also guided, trainer, leader mentor and buddy. And to maintain all those roles, you better be fit.

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